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The Bell Mansion

The Bell Mansion is over 14,000 sq ft. Built in 1893. Was a funeral home for over 93 years. All the original embalming equipment still

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Old Benton County jail

Built-in 1876, just 3 years after the town of Fowler was established, the old Benton County jail is home to years of history. The jail

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The Fowler Theatre

The Historic Fowler Theater is known for its beautifully restored Art Deco look and feel, but beyond the ornate, outward appearance, there is a history

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The Old Benton County Jail

The Old Benton County Jail built in 1876, encased in a limestone exterior, still stands holding many secrets nearly as old as the town itself.

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Burwash Prison

Burwash was a completely self-sufficient town which contained a prison, hospital, church, school, staff townsite, power station, post office, blacksmith, tailor shop, skating rink and

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Screaming Tunnel

The Screaming Tunnel is a small limestone tunnel, running underneath what once was a Grand Trunk Railway line (now the Canadian National Railway), located in

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