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Wanna be scared.. check out Sandy Utah for a real skin walker experience. Not for the faint of heart!

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Lyons Valley Park

Lion’s Valley Park is a valley surrounded by three old cemeteries and an abandoned 1800s village. Reports say that because of erosion in the valley

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Jerome Grand Hotel

The Jerome Grand Hotel is a well-known hotspot for paranormal activity. Ghost hunters and paranormal experts often visit the hotel in hopes of gathering hard

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Hotel Monte Vista

Ghosts have made themselves cozy at the Hotel Monte Vista over the course of its 90 years of operation. The bank robber who died at

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Anawan Rock

Site of the end of King Phillips War were King Anawan surrendered to the colonial army. He was betrayed and beheaded as we’re all his

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Rolling Hills Asylum

The real name was Genesee County Poor Farm, Genesee County Infirmary, & Genesee County Nursing Home. The current owner calls it Rolling Hills Asylum. With

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Burial Hill Cemetery

This is the graveyard where the pilgrims are buried. Graves go all the way back to 1600s. The hill was first used by the pilgrims

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Lemp Mansion

One of Americas most haunted places to stay the night. Four members of the Lemp family took their own lives while they occupied the mansion

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The Historic Bundy House

The Historic Bundy House, built in 1892 for Harlow and Julia Bundy and their family, has seen several families live there until 1942 when the

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