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    1 month, 3 weeks ago

    With all the different gadgets and our wonderful mediums and sensitives, knowing that attachments exist, has anyone ever had an attachment, say a Family spirit or spirit guide or attachment mess up an investigation. For example, you’re trying to capture a spirit on EVP with a spirit on the Queen Mary ( #save Queen Mary btw) and out pops your Grandma going “Did you remember to wear clean underwear today?” or something like that.

    • I had a negative attachment back when I first started investigating. I accidentally brought home something malicious that would follow me to every investigation, and say his name “Burke” constantly to remind me they were always there. It was 5 months of pure hell, to put it lightly. It took me going back to the location and leaving them there to get it to stop. After I did that it stopped. No more weird things happening in my house, and no more “Burke”, “Hey it’s Burke”, “Burke’s here” coming from the spirit box.
        • This is why my wife won’t let me do investigations, that and I don’t get the man freedom that I enjoyed as a single man without causing an argument LOL. But she says she doesn’t want any of those “Things” coming back to the house. It’s frustrating at times because it’s something I’m into and I feel that if I’m respectful and attentive to the things she’s into that she should at least attempt to do the same. So I have to live vicariously through yall LOL.
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