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Frankie Fronk

Lead Investigator/ Exec Producer- The Crossover Discoveries

Frankie Fronk began his paranormal adventure as a youth living in a very haunted house in Worland Wyoming. Frankie has always had a fascination with the paranormal and was very intuitive as a youth due to what he believes where encounters with the others (Ghosts/Spirits) Franks  Grandfather Clyde Fronk was the grounds keeper for the local Cemetery and Frank would often accompany his grandfather to work. When Frank was 15 yrs old he did his first paranormal investigation with two of his best friends at the Wyoming frontier prison and continued to help friends who claimed their homes where haunted.

   Frank studied Parapsychology in Boston MA and still continued his investigations as a hobby. Upon leaving school Frank spent a year in Monastery in northern Maine with the intent to become a Benedictine Monk but after a year he decided to continue his religious studies and also study the rite (exorcism) and later, witchcraft or enlightened magic as well as religious history. Frank has been the host of the popular show All Things Paranormal and is currently the Exec Producer and investigator on The Crossover Discoveries and has continued after 33 yrs to teach others from what he has learned  and help advise clients on types of hauntings or if in fact it’s something more natural or explainable. Frank currently works with his paranormal group in upstate New York and he is a registered member of the American Paranormal researchers society & The Ed and Lorraine Warren Foundation. His group can be found on FB under  House Of Anubis paranormal group and they are available for local investigations within the New England area.


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