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    1 year, 2 months ago

    spirits like that I ” see much” regarding divine law and design.. or.. they hate it.. apparently there is duality on there side, vary rigid.. it’s always broken to black or white. Hot or cold.. no Grey, no warm.
    I cannot speak fir those of the souls of mankind.. other spirits hog the mic.
    I’ll finally be posting.. it’s just… the topics they go.. are not something I want floating around.. especially if they get believed
    They don’t cooperate with short answers.. and that’s another struggle. 10 minutes takes a day to carefully listen and subtitle. Except on true boxes which I’ve no good way of recording .
    Though I plan on going through several different types of itc.. to show.. I get the same .. personalities and surreal answers that are on point to my intentions. I’m also nervous that others will try what I do..
    Just dont.. Black magic did this yo me lol.

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