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    4 days, 22 hours ago

    Hey everybody this is Brian from Global United Paranormal Foundation. If you want phenomenal equipment at spectacular prices then go see Jesse at Deezghost. com and use promo code globalEQ to receive 10% off your first order!!!!!

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Brian J Mccraw

Co-founder, Marketing Manager, and Investigator of the Global United Paranormal Foundation

Hello everybody my name is Brian J Mccraw
former lead investigator and president of the Spokane Ghost Crew. We have now teamed up with Eldon Mclnville From A.Z.P.R.I. and Jason Graham from Southwest Paraabnormal to form the Global United Paranormal Foundation. We will be starting our investigative Paranormal events in Arizona soon, and also we are going to start filming for our new shows on a couple different streaming places and possibly national television. Follow us as our paraunity story unfolds. Our Facebook link is down below as well. Also don't forget to check out our Podcasts called ShadowZone Paranormal Talk on YouTube, or come say hi on Instagram, clapper, TikTok, Twitter and Tumblr


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