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Quick intro video

my Quick intro video from my you tube channel

About Me

Amora Witch Empath Ladybug

I do a Little bit of everything but most things to do with Empath and filming.

I am a very open person, i am what someone wood call a bid wird, but i am okay with it.

I am a witch, I am in touch with the elements, herbs and krystals are my channel Thules.

I do tarot cards and i can paint a painting of someone's emotions if i tune, in on that person.

But to feel all emotions when i am around a lot of people can be hard, becoures i am what people call an Empath.

I like to have fun and i like a good laugh, i dont like negativetet, i can reverse negativ to positiv, but only becoures i belive in Ying/Yang filosofi.

Kaos with in Balance and balance with in kaos.

My to faver saying is:

1 )Love is the Key ( Steve Huff from Huffparonormal )

2 ) If you dont agree with someone, then rember you can alwayes agree to desagree no need for valiens. ( Old Saying in Denmark ).




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